Top 7 treks in India to visit in 2021

Top 7 treks in India to visit in 2021

Unsurprisingly all the best 7 treks in India pave their way to the Himalayas. The supremacy of the Himalayas retains India’s record in sheltering the most magnificent and gigantic mountains. The treks listed below are the most overwhelming treks in India that would instantly trigger your interest to go out and pursue them. Nevertheless, apart from achieving heights, it is the person you become with each trek that matters. The endurance to rise with the height is incentivized by the beautiful trails. It is the haul that keeps you engaged and inspired for the peak, as it is rightly said journey is more pleasing than even destiny.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

The excitement of hiking in the Kashmir Valley is unfolded with every sight of a hydrating lake. At the sight of the twin lakes of Krishansar and Vidhansar, which could be located from the highest point of Gadsar pass is an enchantment to the soul. A total of 68 km is covered in the journey of 6-7 days to be relished by this visionary trek. From June to September, this trek seems favorable to undertake. There are 7 lakes in this trek that you come across while treading along lush green meadows and the Kashmir valley. The lakes are known to have emerged after thin streams of alpine water accumulated in one area. The narrow pavements make this trek advisable for veteran trekkers.

Kedarkantha Trek

The Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand has acquired the fortune to carry the honor of this trek. A snow-blanket trail to the sovereign peak of Kedarkantha, widely popular amongst trekkers especially during winters. The tremendous height of 12, 500 ft. above sea level is not as difficult as any other winter treks or peaks. A vast array of fauna is visible along your tail through the snow-clad slopes of the peak. Clicking your heights against the tall coniferous trees is extremely alluring for any resistance. Campsites at the Kedarkantha trek are one of the most spectacular amongst any other treks, under the celestial sky. The peak comes to your vision after a certain distance and at the summit you find a ridge to satiate amidst 13 peaks.

Beas Kund Trek

The origin of the Beas River is attributed to the Beas Kund peak. A climb majorly dominated by moraines over the surface, though it is characterized as an easily moderate trek. The vistas of Hanuman Tibba, Friendship peak, and seven sisters make this trek even more wonderful and unique, along with the lavishly settled Beas River at the summit. You can also opt for paragliding and skiing at this trek. An elevation of 12, 772 ft. is indeed rewarding and popular. Ideally, it would be great if the trek is undertaken between mid-May and mid-October.

Friendship Peak Trek

Manali is home to this phenomenal trek attempted by ambitious trekkers to accomplish their dream. The colossal height of 17, 346 ft. above sea level is a virtuous trek for veterans willing to become mountaineers. The expedition remains casual in the initial incline but turns extremely competitive towards the end. The months from June to October support trekking activities to this peak. This is amongst one of the renowned summits of the Pir manual range accessible from Manali in Himachal Pradesh.

Hampta Pass Trek

A captivating trail with a charming height to conquer the fear of a novice trekker. Suggested for beginners and explicitly requested to remember that being an easy trek this is one of the most wonderous treks. In each of its segments, you find a new experience. The highest point is surfaced over the height of 14,010 ft. above sea level. For 6 days you venture around the valleys of Lahaul and Spiti. Along with the flow of Rani Nallah, you rejuvenate and energize yourself for another effortful day. The most challenging yet thrilling experience is crossing the fast-flowing glacial river that liberates your soul. This is a monsoon trek and starts from Jobra after a 2 hrs of drive from Manali. After this trek, you get an opportunity to encamp at Chandratal and explore the vibrant serenity of the site.

Brahmatal Trek

Except for the summer and monsoon seasons, all other seasons are favorable for this trek. Uttarakhand shelters this trek at an elevation of 12, 250 ft. above sea level. This is a moderate trek for 6 days and demands utter attentiveness to immerse in the beautiful rhododendrons and oak. The Brahmatal lake is endowed with the eternal beauty of the alpine. Trishul massif and Nanda Ghunti are some popular peaks visible from the summit of Brahmatal.

Pin Bhaba Pass Trek

The trek starts from Shimla in Himachal Pradesh and marks itself as a moderately difficult trek. From May to October, this trek is achieved by the seekers. The highest point of this consists of a height of 16,043 ft. above sea level. Distinct enough to note that this trek transports you from a lively Bhaba Valley to arid Pin Valley.

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