Top 10 International Brands to Try out for this Dhanteras

Dhanteras is the first day that marks an arrival of diwali festival. For quite long time, there is a strong believe in our culture that purchasing few new things during Dhanteras opens the gate towards prosperity and luck. Dhanteras time is good for launching new projects or starting a new business and begins the things that grow in progressive way; even also these times are good to start the renovations and construction works of your offices & home.

Top 10 International Brands to Try out for this Dhanteras

Dhanteras holds huge importance in Indian culture, as it marks an onset of diwali. This festival is linked with wealth; whereas people purchase new utensils, silver and gold items on this day. It is strongly believed that purchasing some expensive metal is an indication of good luck. Heavy purchasing of automobiles and electronic appliances also sees to have on this particular day.  The Dhanteras is about to come the market-place will be well equipped with various brand varieties that might surprise you a bit. Most of these brands are available online and with the help of a UK forwarding account, one can easily avail these branded products.

Here is a list of Top 10 International Brands to try out this Dhanteras:-

  1. Omega Watch
  2. It is one of a popular brand founded in year 1848, and basically the brand includes variety of watches collection both for men and women. The brand attract huge audience crowd, whereas the Speedmaster and Seamaster model stays important to brand. It rolled out its e-commerce site, which was restricted to the UK and USA until 2020. It is also featured among the one of a best luxury watch brand in world.
  1. Cartier
  2. An online popularity & visibility of this brand remain unchanged in 2021. This France-based brand was founded in year 1847 and offer several variety of watches, jewellery, fragrances and accessories. The brand includes various collections of high-end watches, luxury jewellery and timeless design to attract younger generations. It has maintained a good level of search interest even after facing a brand dropping through one spot. Also the brand remains loyal and devoted to social duties like women empowerment. The brand maintains its popularity and an online visibility driven by luxurious jewellery and quality watches. 
  1. Puma
  2. This brand was founded in year 1948 by Rudolf Dassler. It holds sponsorship contract with many big celebrities to endorse the product & brand in international marketplace. This German origin company is well known for offering comfort, durability, designs and styles. The company manages its operations through its headquarters located at Herzogenaurach in Germany. The company designs sport-shoes, casual-shoes & skating-shoes and also it offers products for basketball, golf, running, motor-sports, fitness and training.
  1. Johnston and Murphy
  2. This American based company was founded in year 1850 and offers both traditional & casual style shoes to its customers. The brand provides you an extra cushioning, moisture-wicking, light-weighted and removable extra-insole, and that are the vital features of this shoe brand. James Johnston, William A Murphy and William J Dudley are the masterminds behind this brand, whereas it’s headquarter is situated at Nashville in US. The brand is linked with footwear industry, apparel and deals in marketing, distribution and designing of foot-wear and other items too. The company supplies items for both male & female customers. 
  1. Fila
  2. This Italian-based ideal company was founded in year 1911 by Johan Fila. The company offers well-crafted textured products of unique designs having well-defined & recognizable echo of innovation, craftsmanship & excellence.  Currently the company runs under the umbrella of Fila Korea, whereas the headquarter is based in Seoul at South Korea. It sponsors various events like The Sony Open held in Miami and the BMW Open held in Germany.
  1. Versace
  2. In year 1978 Gianni Versac founded this international leading fashion brand. The brand collection includes Italian ready-made and leather accessories; whereas the brand value of this international fashion brand is approximated nearly $2 billion. The brand collection includes variety of clothing options not only for men & women but also for kids as well. 
  1. Ralph Lauren
  2. This international fashion brand was founded in 1976 by Ralph Lauren, an American fashion designer. This American based company produces medium range products to a luxurious one. The brand collection includes variety of options for clothing, fragrances, home items and accessories. The collection includes variety of options not only for men, women but also for kids as well and you can also shop for unique gift items. The brand value of this fashion brand is approximated nearly $7.4 billion.
  1. Fendi
  2. This Italian fashion brand was founded in year 1925 at Rome and is basically famous for supplying fur accessories. Apart from its fur accessories this brand also offers leather goods, fragrances, eye-wear, shoes and ready-mades. As on January 2018, the brand value is approximated to be $3.6 billion.
  1. Hermes
  2. This international fashion brand was founded by Thierry Hermes, a French-based luxurious goods manufacturer. The brand is basically known by Hermes-of-Paris, Hermes or Hermes-international and having its headquarter located in Paris, France.
  1. Armani
  2. This international fashion brand was founded by Giorgio Armani and this fashion staple supply accessories, cosmetics, shoes, watches, leather-goods, home-interiors and eye-wear. As on January-2019, the brand value of this fashion staple is approximated to be $7.3 billion.

The beliefs linked to this Dhanteras have pumped up the shopping insanity of a people. It is also a perfect day to invest on some electronic items such as branded laptops, refrigerator, Mobile-phones and an electric oven. Well you can also purchase tools and stationary items essential for your profession.   

So this is a perfect time to focus on eye-opening brands. Listed above are some best brands, just have a look over these selected brands. So what are you waiting for? Just choose your favorite one and start shopping today. 

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