The Best Way to Study? Online vs. Offline

The preference to study differs from person to person. But there to determine the best way to study you need to follow this article in detail.

Every option comes with a positive as well as a negative aspect and so does this. But which suits you more is the main matter.

best way to study

Why it is important to determine the best?

In this growing world, online studies play an important role. We not only need to study offline but also need online aid.

This is especially proven during the pandemic. When the world was almost close everything was well off, online studies were the only way to continue studying. 

Even when everything resumed online studies is an important medium to stay connected.

Which is the best among the two?

The study is optional nowadays, you can study online or even offline through books and study materials. But certain factors are not always possible to do in both ways. 

Here are few ways that work to the advantage of online study while not helping the offline mode.


When we study online, we are not bound to any location. We cannot be in the ideal place of study and continue with our studies.

You can even sit on the roof and study while having a change of location to study. You just need a device and an internet connection to study for any length of hours. 

You can even study at the time of travel. It doesn’t matter where you are when you are studying online.

But when you are studying offline there comes a lot of limitations in the case of the location. You cannot take your books and study materials to any other location easily. 

You cannot carry them to traveling as well. When you are studying offline it is better to study within your demarcated area. 

Flexible study hours

When you study online you can study at any time you want. There is no time limit or specific time to study when you are studying online.

You can study according to your convenience. 

But in the case of your offline studies, you have to study within the specified time. This can work against your time.

Record the class

You can easily record the class if you want to. If you don’t feel like understanding the entire topic then and there, you can always choose to understand it later. 

It stays as a recorded version for you to listen to whenever you are willing to study. 

But in the case of offline class, it is ideally not so. You have to listen to the lectures whether you like them or not.

You have to remain dependent on the teachers for every silly question. You can take notes, but you cannot record it provided you are allowed any devices. 


Online classes are much more convenient and cheaper than offline classes. You have to pay a lump sum amount to get into an institution which includes tuition fees, maintenance fees, electricity, etc.

But when you study online you just pay the course fee. This generally is cheap.

In the case of the online study, we barely need to buy books whereas in the offline study we buy a lot of books. If you are a medical student or you are preparing for Step 2 CK prep course then you need to follow these instructions.

We also invest a lot in traveling to the institution and eating junk foods. Visit foodsora to learn more. But when we are studying online we barely invest in any of these.

This is so because when we go out we tend to spend much more than when we stay at home.You have to stay updated with the study materials that are being provided in offline studies. While in online studies you have everything on your device.


As there is no traveling in online studies, it gives a lot of time to studying rather than investing it in traveling or chatting with friends.

While in the case of offline studies we spend a lot of time traveling as well as chatting with friends.

Here are some ways that are best in the case of offline studies instead of online studies.

Healthy competition

When we study offline, we have an atmosphere of competition that motivates us to do better in life. We try each time to do better than anyone around us.

But when we study online, we are not allowed to compete with anyone around us. We don’t even realize our position while we study.

In-person interactions

In offline studies, you study in a group where you can discuss your problems as well as solutions. You can help each other while you study. 

But in online studies, you are isolated from your studies which can hamper your mental health too.

When we meet people in person, we become confident in speaking we learn to differentiate between right and wrong.

But when we study online, we are missing real conversation. We are missing on meeting new people, knowing the world at large.

In offline classes, there are group discussions and other personality-building activities which are generally absent in online studies.

Students-teacher relationships

When you study offline you develop a good bond with your teacher. Your teacher guides you with the strengths and weak points. 

When you have a good teacher, you can do well in that subject without much concern. You can take any help regarding the subjects.

But in the case of online studies, you cannot take help from the teachers neither you develop any bond. Many teachers help you with your lessons, but there is not a single teacher with whom you bond.

So, it reduces the scope for you to learn from experienced teachers.


There is a certain amount of discipline when you are studying offline. You have to study on time and attend classes at a particular time.

But in online classes, you don’t have that discipline. Here you can get lazy which will only hamper your future.

When we study offline, we have a certain goal to achieve but that is not there in the case of offline-online studies. The lack of goals may hamper your future. You can surf the internet for long hours instead of studying. 

There is no eye to monitor your growth in online studies. Online studies require an intense personal determination to study effectively.

Presence of practical learning

When we study offline, we get to experience a lot of practical scenarios. Our teachers provide us with the opportunity to avail the practical experiences along with the lesson from the book. 

But the online learning prohibits this availability of practical experiences. When we study online it is only based on theoretical studies. It doesn’t include any practical experiences which hamper the quality of a study.


Nothing in this world can be termed as the best way to study. It is actually what suits you. If you are not comfortable with a method then, that is not good for you.

It is better if you can take the best of both. This balances the use because we can neither completely ignore the importance of offline studies, nor we can completely ignore the growing online study.

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