Best shops where you can buy flowers to give your loved ones in Kolkata.

Let your love blossom with gorgeous flowers

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The age-old tradition of gifting flowers

There are many expensive gift choices, but few gifts bring as much joy as flowers do. Every culture encourages the tradition of gifting flowers to loved ones, as they are the perfect way for brightening the day. Each color and type of flower is known to convey different emotions, like joy, sorrow, or love, and the sender often conveys the different feelings through the gifting of certain blooms. The effects of beautiful flowers last for a long time, and many studies show that bouquets have a positive impact on humans, from reducing stress levels to feeling less depressed. Online sites will deliver your gifts to any place in Kolkata without difficulty and within time.

Types of flower bouquets

 Florists use a wide variety of flowers while arranging a bouquet and some ideas are listed below. Each type of flower has a different meaning so it is important to know what type of flower can convey the right emotion for you.


The beauty of daffodils is truly incomparable and this flower is preferred by a florist while arranging a bouquet. They are fit for gifting to people on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. There are many different varieties of daffodils, over 50 species to be exact. While yellow daffodils are the most common, they do come in other colors such as orange and white. In China, people regard daffodils as symbols of good luck!


Perhaps the most popular flower for bouquets, red roses are often used to convey love and passion and they are common gifts for romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day. However, different colors of these flowers have different meanings, for example, yellow roses are often used to express feelings of friendship. Peach-colored roses are used to convey gratitude and thanks, and they can also be used to express loyalty.


Just like roses, gerbera also comes in a wide variety of colors and they also carry various meanings. These flowers can be gifted to loved ones to convey emotions like cheerfulness, innocence, and purity. Therefore, florists often use different colored gerberas for different occasions and these colorful blooms add extra charm to the arrangements.


Lilies are also a beautiful choice when it comes to gifting flower bouquets, and just like roses, they are filled with different symbolism. In the United Kingdom, white lilies are known to be mostly used in funerals, as their color signifies peace and serenity. The meaning changes when it comes to other colors, for example, red lilies are the expression of love and affection for people.


There is a fascination with the beauty of orchids and they are often used in creating bouquets. Orchids have a lot of variety, almost over 30000 species of this flower exist. Orchids can be used to convey love, strength, and beauty, and these flowers are greatly appreciated by the recipients. Orchids are enduring flowers, and that is also one of the reasons behind their popularity.


These wonderful fluffy flowers have a rich history of symbolism associated with them. Carnations have a sweet and light scent, and they come in a huge range of colors each-colored too. Pink carnations are the most commonly found, and people associate them with expressions of gratitude. Pink carnation bouquets are a popular gift for Mother’s Day. If you have a loved one who Is going through bad times, gifting them white carnations might be suitable as they symbolize purity and luck. Just like red roses and lilies, red carnations too as expressions of love and affection.

In conclusion, flowers hold a special place in our hearts, and various blooms hold different meanings too. Bouquets are appropriate for a wide variety of events like weddings, Mother’s and Father’s Day, and birthdays Gifts too. Knowing the significance of bouquets and the language of flowers will be a huge help when you scroll through sites to choose your perfect bouquet.

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