Advantages of choosing Abu Dhabi Schools for your kid’s education

Abu Dhabi, with a population of 2.9 million people, is the capital of the UAE. To enable the growth of the country, the UAE has kept education as one of the topmost priorities and has created a high-quality education system. The country has an education mandate for children between 5 to 15 years. Despite being pretty young, the education system of Dubai has evolved very much in the past years to create an education-friendly environment.

Advantages of choosing Abu Dhabi Schools for your kid's education

Earlier, the adult literacy rate in the UAE was low, but as of 2005, it went above 90% for both men and women. Private Abu Dhabi schools and Dubai fall under the purview of KHDA and ADEK. Even if not directly administered by the government, private schools still follow the guidelines set by the government when it comes to imparting education to kids. 

Everything you need to know about Abu Dhabi Schools

 Faculty: There are a few conditions and criteria which need to be fulfilled by the teachers and the faculty members to get teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi schools. Most of the schools hire experienced teachers, who are driven by passion, and have expertise in their matter of work. Some schools even have training programs for their teachers to brush up their skills, knowledge, and expertise. 

Curriculums: The schools in Abu Dhabi provide many curriculums like the Indian ones like CBSE and ICSE. They provide international curriculums like UK National Curriculum, EYFS, GCSE, Cambridge Curriculum, IB Diploma, etc. 

Beyond education: Abu Dhabi schools provide various facilities to the students along with education. Most of the schools pay equal attention to extracurriculars along with the academic curriculum. Schools offer both indoor and outdoor areas to promote the physical development of the child. Facilities like a basketball court, artificial turf surface, and green areas are present with prayer rooms. A library or a learning resource center is also provided, including study areas, especially for senior students to study in their free time. Resources like diverse books are made available. Not only this but technology is also provided for digital education purposes. 

 Laboratories and activity rooms are also present in these schools. Science and Math students need laboratories to conduct proper studies, and without these resources, expertise in these subjects cannot be possible. Safety measures are also taken care of since there can be various inflammatory chemicals in the labs. For school functions, there are multi-purpose auditoriums where celebrations can also take place with full enthusiasm by students and it also enables parent’s engagement along with the school staff. 

Advantages of choosing schools in Abu Dhabi 

The main advantages include the availability of experienced faculties, an advanced education system with abundant resources, an introduction to the diverse and international community and curriculums, and an introduction to a new culture and people that can be extremely helpful in the personality development of a child.

 Not only this, there are great colleges, career and work-related opportunities in Abu Dhabi that children can explore once they are done with their education, which is one of the reasons for increased migrations. 

India International schools’ fees and curriculum

India International schools have started becoming extremely popular in the UAE due to the high rate of Indian migration, especially in Abu Dhabi. Some of the best Indian international schools in Abu Dhabi follow the CBSE curriculum and a few other Indian curriculums. These curriculums are extremely helpful for Indian migrants. Relocating from India to Abu Dhabi, students can continue with the same curriculum they have been studying. The children don’t need to accommodate themselves according to the new teaching styles as they can continue with the ones they are already accustomed to.

The fees of India International schools can range anywhere from AED 2200 to AED 96,333. The fees depend upon the school, the curriculum, extra activities, facilities, location of the school, etc. 


The education system of Abu Dhabi is progressing. With more Indians settling in the region, you can easily find many Indian schools in Abu Dhabi. Along with education enhancement, your child will also come across different people from different cultures, which will promote a sense of global citizenship in your child. It is always a great idea to provide education to the children from International educational establishments, and the schools in Abu Dhabi hold substantial importance in education and diversity. And the cherry on the cake is that students will get an international environment and top-of-the-class facilities for the  Indian International schools at fees that are pocket-friendly.

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